Making the Internet a safe space

We develop impact-first tech solutions, shape tech policy in Europe and provide a community for people who are striving for a safer internet. Curious to learn more?

Our intended impact

Human dignity is inviolable. This is not different in the digital space. We aim to rebuild the internet to a place where everyone is safe and comfortable to contribute. An internet where all human rights are respected. Without restricting the freedom, anonymity and privacy of each individual. This is the social change we want to achieve.

Our approach

We build impact-first tech that people use. Our software empowers individuals on the internet.
We shape tech policy in Europe. We advocate for user-centered policy.
We provide a community for people who are striving for a safer internet or who may have been affected by abuse online.

Our current focus: Image-based sexual abuse

Impact-first tech
We built the search engine Am I in Porn? which helps people find out if they appear on porn websites. The tool searches millions of videos using AI-based technology.
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Shape tech policy
We are advocating for better regulation of social media and porn platforms to prevent the spread of abuse material online. Our efforts focus on policy-making in the EU.

#DontLookAway - Pan-european campaign to ensure the EU Digital Services Act(DSA) provides better protection from image-based sexual abuse
#NotYourPorn - Petition to German politicians to improve legislation aroundimage-based abuse and provide resources for NGOs and policedealing with IBSA cases

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Provide a community
Through the Anna Nackt Project, we support people affected by image-based sexual abuse. We share practical guidance, connect survivors with each other and provide access to a network of lawyers and other supporting organizations.

Our team

Alena: Co-Founder. Survived image-based abuse. Runs Anna Nackt, #NotYourPorn and #DontLookAway. Advises politicians, UN organizations and leading NGOs on cyber violence, and is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper.

Jonas: Co-Founder. Runs Am I In Porn? and deepchange. Experienced in Digital Product Development and Venture Building.

Lukas: Co-Founder. Runs Am I In Porn? and deepchange. Experienced in Innovation and Marketing.

Yannick: Co-Founder & Head of Tech. Runs Am I In Porn? and deepchange. Full Stack Developer and experienced in building global software projects.

Emily: Co-Founder & Head of communications. Expert in travel, community and innovation, and is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper.

Chantal: Head of survivor support. Menstrual Health activist. Trainer of sexual education. Driven by the goal that all people have access to and information about sexual and reproductive rights and health.

Other Co-Founders: Nils, Erika, Jana

Our Network

We work with various international organizations to make a difference together:

PermessoNegato (Italy)

HateAid (Germany)

netzforma* (Germany)

Stopfisha (France)

Não Partilhes (Portugal)

PantallasAmigas (Spain)

Digitalt Ansvar (Denmark)

StopNCII (United Kingdom)

Euromed Rights for EU & MENA (Denmark / MENA)

An abstract of our work in the press

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“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.“ - and sisterhood. - Article 1, Universal Declaration of Human Rights